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Raul heard the footsteps as someone approached the ruined remains of the house. He was holding onto the fence, watching as the crews took away all that was left. ‘I’m sorry…’


Talia came to stand beside her husband, lacing her fingers through the fence near his and shaking her head. “Raul, don’t. Don’t do that. There are people to blame for this, and we need to find them. None of us can afford to waste energy blaming ourselves.”

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"It’s not shaking, and crying, and screaming until your throat burns. It’s not tidal waves of emotions, quickly drowning you. It’s not blood running down your wrists, staining your flesh red. It’s not popping pills, and drinking whiskey. It’s laying in your bed at three in the morning, surrounded by darkness, and staring at the wall. It’s the heavy feeling that settles deep in your bones, the ache in the depths of your chest. It’s feeling guilty that you’ve stayed in bed all day—yet again—but not having the energy to get up. It’s wanting to do better, to be better, but not knowing how to anymore. Most of all, it’s the “out of place” feeling, as though you just don’t belong here anymore, and your time is up."
— he asked about my sadness (202/365) by (DS)
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jennyholzermom’s departure from twitter & other great injustices of the 21st century

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reminders for bad days;


reminders for bad days;

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"Where do ghosts go when you’re not here?"


"You think just because you can’t see a ghost, they’re not there?"

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Hey Mama? We don't go into heat right?

…I’m going to need you to clarify what you mean by “we?” Werewolves, male werewolves, gay werewolves…?

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"Apparently? I mean, I think I’m only worth seven million. But yeah, someone’s after all of us."


"Well that’s just silly, trying to put a numerical value on your life. So what are we doing about this?"

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"Well…. Yes that’s exactly what we’re telling you."


"Is that payable retroactively, I mean shouldn’t that money just go straight to Kate?"

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And here I am alive }.    And I don’t have the right.

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